HDL’s Real Estate Services Group includes real estate specialists who have more than 95 years of combined experience with federal, state, city, borough, and municipal procedures, documents, and ordinances; as well as federal and state laws and guidelines. They have extensive experience performing acquisitions, relocations, and appraisal services in accordance with the Federal Uniform Act and resulting guidelines. Our Real Estate agents are licensed Real Estate Salespersons in the State of Alaska to perform Real Estate and Right-of-Way Acquisition Services.

Key Services

  • Appraisals, Appraisal Reviews & Value Estimates
  • Real Property Negotiation & Acquisition
  • Property Relocation Services
  • Disposal of Excess Right-of-Way
  • Property Management
  • Agency Negotiations and Permitting
  • Road Transfers
  • Title Research
  • Encroachment & Trespass Investigations
  • Complex Section Line Easement & Public Right-of-Way Determinations