HDL’s Geotechnical Services Department brings a wide range of expertise in assisting our clients with soil and groundwater challenges. We have traditionally thought “outside the box” in solving problems and have successfully used multiple techniques to solve challenges throughout Alaska.  We have pioneered the use of dynamic compaction in Alaska and the use of large-diameter helical piers in frozen soils for wind turbine foundations.  Additionally, we routinely develop design solutions with the understanding of future climate changes and how these changes may impact the design life of structures.


In addition to traditional geotechnical services, we provide groundwater and material source evaluations and delineations. We address challenges with a pragmatic and practical approach to assure our clients are getting exceptional value.

Key Services

  • Shallow and Deep Foundation Design
  • Arctic Design
  • Thermal Modeling of Embankments
  • Due Diligence Evaluation
  • Roadway and Airport Pavement Design
  • Aquifer Delineation and Evaluation
  • Water Well Design
  • 2D and 3D Groundwater Modeling
  • Landslide Identification and Development
  • Geothermal Well Evaluation